I can fill orders to ship by Dec 20th, however Dec 24th Delivery becomes tentative for  USPS Priority Service (normally 3 Business Days approx once shipped). Sooner the better folks, but glad to do the best I can on my end! Think New Years Gifts! Thanks to all of you, as many blessings abound!


A Special Note to ALL of you!
Many thanks and much appreciation to everyone who visited our booth and website and for supporting our work while we traveled all over the country to meet you in your home regions for fantastic festivals and events in honor of Celtic Culture, Artistic Expression and Musical Celebrations Nationwide! 

The Online Store is an increasingly important connection point to insure our ability to do this work and be a part of your lives and our community. Thanks as well for being a part of the renewed national and international interest in all of our Roots, honoring appreciation of the Tribal inspiration passed on to us from the Celts and their illustrious traditions, spirituality and symbolic embrace of the natural world! 
"Siochana", Peace to all of you! Sean 

"Cheers, and Best of the Holidays and New Year to Everyone!" Sean and Family

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    Please enjoy browsing through our offerings, and if I have not covered some aspect of information you need in deciding on an item, do let me know and I will try to answer questions as best I can. I travel often, and can be slow to rsvp, so patience and persistence are both welcome in working with me. Some shipping and ordering questions are answered in the shopping cart. That said, please use for info you cannot find online!

    All designs are sterling silver, and I welcome inquiries about 14K gold versions of any design as a custom project. Mixed metal items are Sterling and 14K gold cast separately and soldered as one, no plating!

    All original designs are legally copyright protected at the time of creation from 1990-2018. All rights reserved, no dupication or use of any kind without express written permission.