Thank you for visiting the Originals category! Most of my designs are original ideas and expressions. When I create traditional patterns, I do it in my own way as well. This category page is designed to feature ideas and concepts not normally seen in the realm of Celtic Artwork. Please enjoy the descriptions of each concept to understand the reasoning or inspiration that went into the designs and the source of inspiration behind these original expressions. Thanks again for your appreciation of original concepts in Celic Art through the eyes, mind, and pen of Sean's workshop.

Celtic High Cross dangle earrings Celtic King's Signet Ring Celtic Moon & Sun Earrings
Celtic High Cross dangle earringsCeltic King's Signet RingCeltic Moon & Sun Earrings
Celtic Moon & Sun w/Amethyst Celtic Peace Ring, heavy version Celtic Plumeria, Largest version
Celtic Moon & Sun w/AmethystCeltic Peace Ring, heavy versionCeltic Plumeria, Largest version
Dragon Circling, w/faceted stone Dragon Clutching Gemstone, AMETHYST Dragon Flight with Garnet
Dragon Circling, w/faceted stoneDragon Clutching Gemstone, AMETHYST Dragon Flight with Garnet
Guarded Treasure Dragon Ring, Amethyst Guarded Treasure Dragon Ring, garnet Infinity Knot Ring small  (14k Gold & Silver)
Guarded Treasure Dragon Ring, AmethystGuarded Treasure Dragon Ring, garnetInfinity Knot Ring small (14k Gold & Silver)
Celtic Moon Goddess & Sun Spirit with Faceted Emerald (lab grown) Odin's Vision Ring, with Ravens Ouroboros Ring of Eternity
Moon Goddess & Sun Spirit w/faceted Emerald*Odin's Vision Ring, with RavensOuroboros Ring of Eternity
Pentacle ring of protection. Pierced Rolling Wave Band Plumeria Dangles, XL
Pentacle ring of protection.Pierced Rolling Wave BandPlumeria Dangles, XL
Plumeria Post Earrings Spiral Harness Ring w/stones (amethyst) The Eye of Horus & Ankh Ring!
Plumeria Post EarringsSpiral Harness Ring w/stones (amethyst)The Eye of Horus & Ankh Ring!
The Gryphon Ring! Thor's hammer, Old School! Thor's hammer, Old School, w/stone
The Gryphon Ring!Thor's hammer, Old School!Thor's hammer, Old School, w/stone
Tree of Life, domed version, sm Viking Warrior Ring! Classic build. Viking Warror Ring, Magnum Build
Tree of Life, domed version, smViking Warrior Ring! Classic build.Viking Warror Ring, Magnum Build
Welsh Dragon, Classic! Welsh Dragon, Magnum build Welsh Dragon, Sterling/14K
Welsh Dragon, Classic!Welsh Dragon, Magnum buildWelsh Dragon, Sterling/14K
Triple Emerald Trinity Band Ring! Cross of the Claddagh! Sterling, small Cross of the Claddagh, Sterling Silver, LG
Triple Emerald Trinity Band Ring!Cross of the Claddagh! Sterling, smallCross of the Claddagh, Sterling Silver, LG
Cross of the Claddagh, Sterling/14K, sm Cross of the Claddagh, Sterling & 14K Large sz Trinity & Emerald* Variation, Revisited (sterling/14K)
Cross of the Claddagh, Sterling/14K, smCross of the Claddagh, Sterling & 14K Large szTrinity & Emerald* Variation, Revisited (sterling/14K)
Trinity rings with created emerald setting Trinity of the Emerald Isle, Sterling/14K Trinity Signet Ring, Mixed Metals!
Trinity of the Emerald Isle!Trinity of the Emerald Isle, Sterling/14KTrinity Signet Ring, Mixed Metals!
Celtic Dragon Medallion Celtic Dragon Medallion, Contoured version Celtic Plumeria Earrings
Celtic Dragon MedallionCeltic Dragon Medallion, Contoured versionCeltic Plumeria Earrings
Hidden Eagle Hammer The Great Mother Circle of Life Turtle! Tree of Life Cross
Hidden Eagle HammerThe Great Mother Circle of Life Turtle!Tree of Life Cross
Tree of Life Medallion Celtic Plumeria Charm Celtic Moon & Sun medium
Tree of Life MedallionCeltic Plumeria CharmCeltic Moon & Sun medium
Plumeria LG Circle of Life Medallion This is an original design in honor of the spirit of the ancient goddess of Fire, Brigid.
Celtic Plumeria PendantCircle of Life MedallionSpirit Goddess - Large
Spirit Goddess - Small Moon Goddess & Sun Spirit Celtic Moon & Sun - Large
Spirit Goddess - SmallMoon Goddess & Sun SpiritCeltic Moon & Sun - Large
Celtic Moon & Sun Charm Claddagh in Your Heart - Large Claddagh in Your Heart - Charm
Celtic Moon & Sun CharmCladdagh in Your Heart - LargeCladdagh in Your Heart - Charm
Shamrock knot pendant Infinite Peace Pendant, Large Trinity Claddagh, New Puff Heart!
Shamrock knot pendantInfinite Peace Pendant, LargeTrinity Claddagh, New Puff Heart!
Infinite Peace Pendant Medium Infinite Peace Pendant Small Tree of Life Pendant - Domed
Infinite Peace Pendant MediumInfinite Peace Pendant Small Tree of Life Pendant - Domed
Tree Of Life Pendant - Large Tree of Life Pendant - Medium Tree of Life Pendant - Small
Tree Of Life Pendant - LargeTree of Life Pendant - MediumTree of Life Pendant - Small
Tree of Life Pendant - tiny Moon Goddess Cutout Moon Goddess Crescent
Tree of Life Pendant - tinyMoon Goddess CutoutMoon Goddess Crescent
Green Man Nordic Knotwork Thor's Hammer, sm 5 Spiral Pendant
Green ManNordic Knotwork Thor's Hammer, sm5 Spiral Pendant
Butterfly Earrings Shamrock Cross Ear Rings Celtic Butterfly - Large
Butterfly EarringsShamrock Cross Ear Rings Celtic Butterfly - Large
Turtle "First Nations Celtic Turtle" Salmon of Knowledge large Sun Moon Turtle Earrings
Turtle "First Nations Celtic Turtle"Salmon of Knowledge largeSun/Moon Turtle Earrings
Dragonfly Earrings Turtle- "Circle of Life Turtle" - Medium size Tree of Life Earrings (domed)
Dragonfly EarringsTurtle- "Circle of Life Turtle" - Medium sizeTree of Life Earrings (domed)
Tree of Life Earrings Celtic Moon & Sun Ring "Tree of Life Ring small"
Tree of Life EarringsCeltic Moon & Sun Ring"Tree of Life Ring small"
Spirit Goddess Earrings Salmon of Knowledge small Celtic Butterfly - Small
Spirit Goddess EarringsSalmon of Knowledge smallCeltic Butterfly - Small
Celtic Dragonfly - Small Claddagh in your Heart earrings Celtic Dragonfly - Large
Celtic Dragonfly - SmallCladdagh in your Heart earringsCeltic Dragonfly - Large
"Tree of Life Ring Large" Brigits Cross Ear Rings Trinity Claddagh earrings
"Tree of Life Ring Large"Brigits Cross Ear RingsTrinity Claddagh earrings
Trinity Claddagh, pend, sm Shamrock Cross Shamrock High Cross
Trinity Claddagh, pend, smShamrock CrossShamrock High Cross
Shamrock Ear Rings Tree Turtle Earrings Plumeria Ring, "The Flower of Life"
Shamrock Ear Rings Tree Turtle EarringsPlumeria Ring, "The Flower of Life"
Four Elements Cross
Four Elements Cross