So after many years of creating Celtic Jewelry, minding my own business... along come these Viking dudes, who demanded their fair slice of the cultural pie! Willingly, although the threat of force was always present, I began hammering away at images of the rich tandem traditions of the Norse and Viking themes. Joking aside, many of the DNA trails are criss crossed like flights at Heathrow, and my red hair may have been the result of some raid or love triangle in my ancestors past. This may be true for many Irish who bear the red locks! I will say no more :)

I hope you all enjoy this category of work as much as I did in the creation process with some help. Several of these designs and inspirations are borne of collaboratioin with an old jewelry buddy from my days in Boulder, CO, the honorable James Walton, who is a talented artist and mentor. 

Thanks for your interest in Nordic and Viking influences within the greater offering of my generally Celtic artworks.