Greetings Earring Shoppers! Here I am, dangling another shiny object in front of everyone in hopes that you will post up and fall in love with something :)

Note that many of the photos in this section are in need of an update, but I assure you that the pieces themselves will be looking great. I normally send earrings in a little gift box for safe travel, and typically will add the earring wire stops for the French wires in case you like those. I can also normally sell a single earring to replace any wayward lost earrings, though you must contact me to arrange for this situation. Remember that most of these designs also have matching pendant options as well. Any questions during your browse about set compatibility or anything else, please feel free to contact me! Cheers friends, Sean

Thanks for hanging around. I appreciate your company, and hopefully you appreciate mine as well :)

Peace through Health!

Yours, Sean