Claddagh in Your Heart - Large

This is a moderate size pendant, around 3/4" tall, and quite feminine with it's open cutouts.

The "Claddagh in your Heart" design is an original expression of the Irish Claddagh symbol, (see Claddagh description below). The arms passing around the "hands, crown, and heart" create a heart shape and the added symbolism of keeping the "friendship, loyalty, and love" of the Claddagh within our own hearts. This original design emphasizes the family and internal value of this imagery within us.

The traditional "Claddagh" design originates from Western Ireland in the small fishing village of Claddagh near Galway. There are many variations on the tales and origin of this famous symbol which is now synonymous with Ireland itself. Avoiding these lengthy tales, we can touch on the heart of the symbolism in this description.

Long before the ring was crafted (the original design being a ring) the concept of Family bonds were expressed by Friendship (hands) Loyalty (crown) and Love (heart). There is an element of protection from the dangers at sea, as the loved ones were keeping each others "heart in the hand". The traditional motif was indeed a ring, yet as the Claddagh has gained in popularity, many jewelry forms have come into play. More about the aspects of wearing rings in the ring section.

We also have other versions of pendants and earrings to check out. The "Trinity Claddagh" which symbolically includes some of the other iconic sets of 3 in Irish lore, along with the Claddagh design.

Size 17mm x 18mm

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Claddagh in Your Heart - Large

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