Claddagh Ring medium

This is a great mid weight version, mainly for women, or men who like lighter rings. Not thick or thin, just in the middle!

The traditional "Claddagh" design originates from Western Ireland in the small fishing village of Claddagh near Galway. There are many variations on the tales and origin of this famous symbol which is now synonymous with Ireland itself. Avoiding these lengthy tales, we can touch on the heart of the symbolism in this description.

Long before the first ring was crafted (the original design being a ring) the concept of Family bonds were expressed as "Friendship (hands), Loyalty (crown), and Love (heart)". There is also an element of protection from potential danger, as the loved ones were keeping each others "heart in the hand" while the men were out to sea. The traditional motif was indeed a ring, yet as the Claddagh has gained in popularity, many jewelry forms have come into play. You can find Sean's original variations on the Claddagh in the pendants and earring categories.

Family connection to these rings are multiple. It is traditional to receive these rings as heirlooms from both sides of the family, gifts from friends relatives, loved ones and friends, as well as wedding and engagement rings! This design has become a popular way of expressing a bond with Irish lineage and appreciation.

Wearing of the Claddagh. You can also express your own heart's intention when you wear these rings. Romantically, if the point Heart of the design is pointing away from you, then your heart is open to new intentions. If the heart is pointing toward you, your heart is taken, and you are closed to new romance.

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Claddagh Ring medium

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