Eternity cut out Bold

Eternity Knot, BOLD version of this series is constructed differently from the medium and large structures, as it is more sculptural in nature. If looking for a direct narrow/wide couples set, the medium and large versions that are in this category of matching sets is a good choice. That said, sometimes men also like the more spread out bold version of this pattern, which does match the others as far as the actual design element, but with the sculptural nuance making it less of an exact match, though many couples have combined these styles to wear together.

This Sterling Silver band series has the knotwork sides sculpted to follow the knotwork, as opposed to the interioropenings being cutaway as in a pierced pattern. This is a "strength of ring" structure decision, and the longevity of these rings is increased by this approach.

This is the "BOLD" of the 3 versions I make of the cutaway design. It is most often chosen by men, with the narrower "medium" version being more often chosen by women along with the "large" for those seeking stronger presence ring types. The BOLD version in this series is a good choice for men. That said, these 3 ring variations are all co-ed in their appeal, and make great bands to wear individually or together as couples expressing eternal connection. 

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Eternity cut out Bold

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