Infinity Knot Ring small  (14k Gold & Silver)

This central infinity knot design is interlaced with a circle which exemplifies the life, death rebrth process, which is also an endless cycle and symbolic of the eternal force of life itself. This is also one of the more classic Viking style knotwork designs. This ring comes in this narrower version at around 6mm, and also a wider version in this section category. These are often purchased as couples rings, and there is a photo of the 2 side by side. These size designations do not necessarily mean mens and womans, as I have interest in both designs from both genders.

As is the case with all my mixed metal designs, the shank is solid sterling silver, and the 14K Gold is cast separately and soldered into place. Many designers are electroplating gold accents onto silver rings, which is no substitute for genuine mixed metalsmithing. Infinite love, everlasting life, eternity, or however you would like to express or relate, is captured in this simple yet powerful symbol.


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Infinity Knot Ring small (14k Gold & Silver)

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