Wheel Tree of Life Cross

This Design is an original concept based on the overlapping layers of spirituality within the history of the Celts. In this hand fabricated combination of symbolic components, I have taken my "Tree of Life" concept design, and added it to my expression of the Celtic cross in circular format. The wheel cross is a traditional style of expression in Christian artistic terms, yet this design is my own, and works great as a stand alone cross image, or as a base for further combined elements as in this version.

The ancient wisdom of the "Celtic nature based belief system" was mainly an expression of letting the natural world teach us about how to live and blend with inherent natural forces. Plants and animals were all revered for their special aspects, abilities and strengths. The Tree of Life is simply an expression and reminder of the connection between Heaven and Earth which is the basis for all life. The Church teaches this as the Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, and so there is a crossover spiritually in my way of thinking between these beliefs. This design is planned as part of a series of ideas in this realm of union as I further explore connective imagery.

Celtic Christianity was a new way of thinking at the time of it's introduction, and through the missionary movement in Saint Patrick's and Saint Brigit's era, many crossover artworks and imagery were introduced as an invitation to the Celtic tribal belief system as a segway to Christanity. The Celtic Christian system was flexible in allowing integration of ancient symbols and thought into this unique movement, and thus was spawned a whole new realm of crossover art and symbolism in the manuscript crafted by the scribes of the church.

As an aside, it is interesting to note how incredibly popular this unique form of Christian thought spread throughout the Celtic lands, showing, I believe, that integration is a better form of implementation of new thought among tribal peoples. The Romans held no such regard for indigenous belief. Through powerful force, the Romans successfully did away with Celtic Cristianity, absorbing this unique blend of spirituality under its fold. The movement went underground, thus preserving a valuable piece of our Celtic heritage.

Wheel Tree of Life Cross

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