Turtle- "Circle of Life Turtle" - Medium size

   Turtles have a prominent role in many creation mythologies worldwide. They are associated with life, the living planet, and the cycles of living beings and longevity. The knotwork element of the design, is a modification of the traditional "circle of Life" pattern from celtic manuscript origins.

    The union of these two symbols of life is an artistic expression born of a love of turtles and celtic style knotwork to create new tailsmans of life in a changing world. 

     Artist's note:

     Turtles in particular are renowned for their logevity, and life associations in many cultures. Bringing the turtle image into the celtic sphere is more about artistic license than historical record The creation of celtic versions of these creatures is based on a personal and powerful attraction to turtles themselves, as well as turtle creation mythology and totemic symbolism worldwide.

Size 20mm x 20mm 

Turtle- "Circle of Life Turtle" - Medium size

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