Equal Armed Celtic Cross Medallion

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Equal Arms Cross Medallion. Sterling Silver. This is an original multi layer design, nice and heavy measuring 1 1/2" tall by 1 14" wide and around 3/16" thick, making this a rugged piece with very nice heft. Works very well on heavier chain types with the chain opening at 1/4". Lighter chains not as compatible with this one. The 3.5mm Round Box chain is good, and the 2.5mm works as well. Questions about chain compatibility, let me know!

Original design, classic knot work style, the center design is called King Solomans Knot (He borrowed that from the Celts I guess) and symbolizes the unity betwwen Heaven and Earth that creates life... FYI... :) King Soloman thought it was a good symbol for harmoiny between the Governing body and the People... good luck with that one these days! LOL

Chain is separate if needed...

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Equal Armed Celtic Cross Medallion

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