Trinity Ring Mixed Metal 14k/ss
This new Trinity Ring in Mixed Metals is finally a reality! The trinity knot itself is cast in 14K yellow gold, and soldered into the receiving sterling shank, and therefore is truly a mixed metal design (just say no to plated two tone!). This ring is built a bit larger than my original and extremely popular sterling womens' trinity ring, and the result is a very comfortable size with more durability and presentation of the gold trinity knot. This is a wonderful bridge to fine jewelry without the higer price of an all gold ring, along with the beauty of the complementary color spectrum that folks love in mixed metal designs. Copyright 1996-2020.
Prototype inventory is limited currently, but I am excited to get this item fully stocked by early next year. Check website for available sizes.
Currently selling for $199.00 
Pricing and availability subject to change.

Trinity Ring Mixed Metal 14k/ss

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