Celtic Moon & Sun medium
5/8" (or 16mm) diameter Sterling Silver.
Those of you who know my work have seen this design before in Pendants, Ring, and Earrings. I was messing around in the studio and recreated a mid size pendant to go with the small and large versions already so well received by all you folks!

This design is seemingly whimsical, yet indeed ties into the very fabric of Celtic life of old. The Solar and Lunar cycles are the natural time piece of the Celts. The Solstice/Equinox alignments were very important for timeframes for specific activities, and the mid points between those solar junctions were the celebrations of the largest of Celtic ceremonial festivals. In the case of the Lunar Cycles, the elder women of the tribe, having seen life in all its phases, were honored with the planning and timing of important life events around the moon's ebb and flow. 
Shown on 1.5mm round box chain type, but also works on the 1mm version if a more delicate look is desired.
Chains sold separately on all pendants, and are shown for example.

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Celtic Moon & Sun medium

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