Sun Moon Turtle Earrings

About the Earrings

These earrings are in the medium size range at about 3/4" tall, and of a solid construction without being too heavy to wear. The design is quite bold and readable from a distance, so super close inspection is not needed to see the flow of the design. This size earring is not for those that like tiny earrings, as they have more presence and lots of silver to wear and enjoy!

So you like unique ideas!Read on!

This image may seem whimsical, but there is a strong connection to the luner and solar cycles in celtic life of old.  Another connection with the turtle element are the creation mythologies which place the earth as a giant turtle gracefully gliding through the cosmos. This embodies the concept of the living Mother Earth embraced by so many indigenous cultures including the Celts, Hawaiians, and many Native and South American tribal cultures.

Sean's Note:

 Turtles in particular are renowned for their logevity, and life associations in many cultures. Bringing the turtle image into the celtic sphere is more about artistic license than historical record. The creation of celtic versions of these creatures is based on a personal and powerful attraction to turtles themselves, as well as turtle creation mythology and totemic symbolism worldwide, and bringing that into the design with one of my favorite themes, World Celtic!

Sun/Moon Turtle Earrings

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