Celtic Dragon Medallion, Contoured version

Please note that this version of my Celtic Dragon design is the nearly the same as my original classic Dragon Medallion. When measuring the design portion, excluding the chain bale, comes to 1 1/2" tall. Including the bale, the height is 1 3/4" The differences are the subtle curvature of this version as a contoured or domed style. The general size is still the same, as the larger medallion, except that this one is slightly lighter weight and the bale at the top is reduced in size to not require such a bulky chain, as is needed on the other medallion. You can still get a larger 2.5mm chain through this bale, so this version works fine on 2.0mm & 2.5mm. The multi image photo shows the relaionship of this size (larger of the 2) to the more "medium" size of the $75 version, with the quarter as reference.

Celtic Dragon, an original design with ancient symbolism & modern context!

In most ancient cultures, including the celtic tradtion, dragons and serpent/beasts were associated with the Earth as guardians and protectors.  Dragons in those times were benevolent unless the energy of the Earth was in peril. I wanted to convey this energy, and hopefully brought this non threatening talisman to life with this representation.

This design was developed and crafted as an artistic challenge to use all forms of celtic art on one design.  These forms include: knotwork, spirals, key patterns and natural form.  Is it possible that the Dragon has awakened in these modern times and within us to defend our beloved planet? As far as our awareness as humans is concerned, may it be so!  

This size design at over 1.5" tall, is a powerful size for the design, and expresses strong lineweight. I am glad to finally offer this extra large size of this design with a more standard size chain bail and subtle contours.

Celtic Dragon Medallion, Contoured version

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