Plumeria Ring, "The Flower of Life"

 The Plumeria Ring is finally here!

This is the newest addition to the “Flower of Life” series that the Plumeria represents. The ring build is created along the structure of elegance with strength. The band shank is durable and the petals stand up off your finger a bit, giving presence to the ring without the tendency of getting caught on things during daily activity.


Artistic License note from Sean:

Having lived on the North Shore of Kauai, images and impressions from the culture where an artist lives have a way of working their way into artistic expression. It is the case that I have created many cross cultural design elements and concepts, and hope to continue melding world images into my work in an effort to unify symbolic connection in a world where borders and separation have begun to fade away as we acknowledge our togetherness as planetary citizens. Honor should be given to all walks of symbolic awareness in my view, and I hope to touch others in their own way as they connect to my work in this context. 


Further Cultural Symbolism of the Plumeria Flower:


The plumeria flower symbolizes a variety of different things in various cultures, and interestingly, cross culturally, all of these are are wonderfully uplifting meanings and symbolic connections to this wonderful sweet smelling "Flower of Life".

Hawaiian Culture:

 In the Hawaiian culture, the plumeria symbolizes positivity and is used in lei making and to celebrate special occasions. When worn in the hair next to ear, the plumeria flower symbolizes the relationship status of the wearer. Over the right ear denotes that a ones heart is still open and available, wheras the left ear placement signals that one is comitted to another person and currently closed to new intentions. Copyright 2015-2020.


Hindu Culture:

Plumeria represents dedication and devotion to that which we hold dear in our beliefs and daily life. 



In the Buddhist religion, the plumeria symbolizes immortality, probably because the tree will produce new blooms even after it is uprooted. In Laos, the plumeria tree is considered very sacred – so sacred that they are planted outside every Buddhist temple. These trees live for hundreds of years, expressing ever lasting life and a symbol of longevity.


Mayan Culture:

In the Mayan culture, the plumeria bloom represents life and birth, like a talisman of the life foce within.


Mexican Culture:

According to Mexican legend, the plumeria flower gave birth to the gods, as a source of creation and wellspring of life giving expression.

Plumeria Ring, "The Flower of Life"

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