Irish Love Knot, small pendant/charm

Irish Love Knot Pendant in Sterling Silver.

This is a small, 3/8" diameter (charm sized) pendant for women of all ages who love petite, quality made traditional style celtic designs  The Irish Love Knot is one of the most classic and recognizable Celtic designs of all time. Shown on reccommended 1mm sterling round box chain, available separately in the Sterling Chain category. This size is great for those desiring a petite pendant, great for daily wear. It is sturdy for the size, and is designed to last.

In modern times, this image has been labled the Irish Love knot and is commonly refered to as the Irish Love Knot. In ancient times, this design may have been more aligned with a protection symbol. Beautiful, simple and traditional, this symbol has stood the test of time, and will carry on well into the future in expression of the uniquly defined intricacy and beauty of Celtic Art. Sean's attention to detail, even in such a small design, is evident in this elegant charm. This iconic knot is a powerful talisman in ancient times. The "love knot" stands complete and whole (single strand pattern) as a solid unity between couples, based on mutual protection and strength.


Shown on 1mm round box chain type. Chains sold separately on all pendants, and are shown for example only.

When guessing on chain length for gifts, please note that 16" should be considered more of a choker length, and 18" is a better guess for standard length on small size charms. That said, for petite woman, 16" is pretty popular when worn up high or on smaller neck sizes. 20" for medium to larger neck sizes would be another tip...

Irish Love Knot, small pendant/charm

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