Triskele Refined Pendant, new 2019

Triskele Medal, Refined (new online 2019) 1" Diameter

This is another in the series of new versions of the Triskele pattern. This one is a l.ittle bigger than its predecessor and the design clarity is particulary sharp. The sides are sloped nicely to the back, giving a soft feel to the pendant despite its more substantial weight. 




This is our newest design, which is a personalized variation on the classic "Book of Kells" era Spiral Designs. The symbolic connection represented here defines an effort by the Church to connect with the Celtic people through symbols, images, and concepts that resonate with older traditions.


The Triskele goes by many names over time: Trefoil, Trillium, Triskelee among others. Some correlation to the Trinity is inevitable, but the spiral images of old were chiseled into large womblike stones at such famous sites as “Newgrange Ireland" and other sacred sites. The Triple Goddess concept from that period is more of a matriarchal nature, echoing the 3 phases of womanhood (Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman) as well as the cyclic aspects of Life, Death and Rebirth, including the natural elements of Earth, Sea, and Sky.


The overlap of traditions and symbolic content leave much that is open for interpretation and connection for individuals, based on their particular affinity. The Triskele remains one of the most powerful symbols of the ancient celts, and the design we have crafted is in honor of all the layers of rich history that surround this classic motif.


Design Collaboration by Sean Berton and Seth Jones


Copyright 2015 all rights reserved

Triskele Refined Pendant, new 2019

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