Wheel Cross, hand hewn carving w/gemstone

One of a kind, at the moment...

This is a larger medallion, at 1.5" diameter. This design and execution are more of a rustic hand carved nature similar to the old school work of the Celts and Nordic tribal artisans. This piece has a nice weight and feel, and features a natural garnet, click photo for stone color close up.

3.5mm Round box chain, not included, works well with this piece and as well with 2.5mm or even 2mm, sold separately if needed.

Althogh this version is an original expression, the Wheeled Cross is an expression of the cross image a result of several levels of belief throughout Celtic history.  There are many examples of crosses in the manuscripts of Celtic Christianity with this type of "Equal Arm Cross" layout.  The crosses of this nature are directly related to Christianity, there is also an undertone of connection to ancient Celtic belief systems the concept of the cycles of the year through the solar wheel along with the Heavely & Earthy axis interaction.  All things in this cylic concept are cirular in nature due to the endless circle of life, death, and rebirth, which may explain the addition of the circular subtext of Celtic Crosses generally.

Wheel Cross, hand hewn carving w/gemstone

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