Brigid's Spirit w/stone


One of these only at this time, the smaller Brigid goddess with faceted peridot. 

This original design is in honor of the ancient Celtic goddess of Fire. As an artist, it was my desire to embody the spirit of this infamous goddess, as she is the inspirational force behind several aspects of life and relationship to the primal energy of fire itself.

In the realm of physical fire, the healing power of the hearth in nourishing the people through the fires in the kitchen. The creative force of the forge protects the population during the crafting of weaponry from the depths of the metalsmithing flame. The jewelry of the Celts has a talismanic protective quality in a more metaphysical and symbolic expression of fires' creative force.

Perhaps the most accepted aspects of Bridgid's symbolism, is in that of the "fire in the head", the inspirational mental fire that is most well associated with the Bards and musicians as the "keepers of the flame" of inspired storytelling, keeping the oral history of the land and people alive through each passing generation. Remember, there was no written language for the Celts, and the oral history was the real history of the realm, and inspiration in this area was critical to the civilization as a whole. 

In my design, I did include a couple of symbolic references to honor the matriarchial source of life through the 3 phases of womanhood; Maiden, Mother and Wise Woman or Crone. The triple spiral, or triskele, is in her hands above, and more discretely in her womb (fire center), as the nurturer or mother aspect of these 3 primal maternal aspects.

I appreciate that many women are attracted to this design for a number of personal reasons, and I feel that I am not as much a designer with images of such symbolic import, but more of a vehicle for expressing an ancient power honoring women for their critical role in giving life in every sense of our lives. It is in this sentiment that the "Bridgid'd Spirit Goddess" image came to be.

Brigid's Spirit w/stone

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