Cross of the Claddagh, Sterling/14K, sm

Cross of the Claddagh!

This is a new concept I have been messing with for awhile! I have shown the 2 side by side for comparison sake, and this is the product page for the smaller of the 2. This is a special limed offering in Sterling and 14K. The Gold heart is cast separately in 14K gold and soldered in place (no plating in my studio!). The length of the small version is almost 1" (or 24mm) excluding the knot work bail which adds 1/2". This will handle chains up to 4mm, but a 2mm round box chain is shown in the photo above, and works well with the smaller structure, as would a 1.5mm chain.

The Claddagh design, based on the trilogy of Friendship, Loyalty, and Love, is an archetype of Irish symbolic honor of Family Values. This correlates to the many layers of trinity images and symbols, including the most prominent within the Church honoring the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These strong symbols needed a place to come together, and this design is one such expression. Thank you for considering such a union of Family and Spirituality represented here!

This is a Limited series, and is still in my prototype realm of expression, with very small production in play. My experiments include the offering in All Sterling silver, and a Mixed Metal version featuring a Golden heart of 14K set within the Silver pendant. 

Cross of the Claddagh, Sterling/14K, sm

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