Love Knot Ring, Men's Heavy

The Love Knot, Mens' Heavy version. 

This is a sculptural expression of this pattern, seemingly tied from two strands of heavy wire! It is actually carved in wax, but the appreance is a tied together look in keeping with the symbolism.

This is the strongest way to combine 2 separate ropes together. Once pulled tight, is nearly impossible to untie! Symolically applied to strength in relationships and eternal love as a knotform of unity and togetherness.

No wonder it is known as the love knot! I make a  Robust Men's Version as well, shown for comparison side by side in the profile photos. A matching set of these rings has often walked away from my booth holding hands :)

Sizing note: These rings run approx 1/2 size larger than the measured size shown, since the underside is sculpted and is not a "round hole" for the finger.

Love Knot Ring, Men's Heavy

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