Dragon Circling, w/faceted stone

This design is in the larger medallion size range at 1.5 in diamenter. The chain is not included, but is shown on a 2.5mm which is a good choice if needed. If a slightly lighter chain is desired, the 2mm is the minimum thickness that I carry that will support this design. If larger is desired, inquire first to check viability. 

This design is available seldomly, and the stone offerings vary with this one being Chrome Diopside (natural, similar look to emerald) with garnet and amethyst used intermittently. This collaborative design is original, yet is based on the structural design elements present in European styles.

Everyone has their own feelings on Dragon symbolism, but I will mention that prior to the middle ages, Dragons were not to be feared. In fact, these beasts were allies in defending against earthly harm, like guardians that would arise when needed to defend the subtle energies of the Earth. Could it be that now, more than ever, the embodiment of the Dragon is required? I leave you all to answer that one!

Cheers, Sean

Dragon Circling, w/faceted stone

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