The Eye of Horus & Ankh Ring!

This is a very substantive ring, not necessarily for men, since women like bold rings these days. In spite of the structure, this ring is comfotable when properly fit since the shank is tapered behind.

 A common motif in Ancient Egypt, the "all-seeing eye" Horus was the son of the goddess Isis and the god Osiris. This "Horus" ring is also adorned with the Egyptian Ankh symbol on both sides. Width tapers from 13mm in the front to 8mm at the back. 

The Eye of Horus is a protective talisman from the middle eastern traditions and lots of interesting anecdotes can be found on wikipedia and this goes for the life force symbol of the Ankh side panels as well. With the extra protection of the ability to see sharply in dark times, the symbolism is as current today as it was in ancient times. Enjoy, be safe... 

Artist Collaboration designed and finished

The Eye of Horus & Ankh Ring!

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