Triskele Signet ring

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This ring is built in the structure of a signet ring, yet pulls off the finger underneath making it not super top heavy or bulky feeling on the hand, and also will not make your hand stuffy with air access underneath. This ring is good for men or women who like more dominant ring types. The design element has feminine overtones symbolically, yet historically, this pattern has been used in many contexts, and is not solely a goddess symbol :)

The Sterling silver shank is fairly narrow at the back for comfort in this mid build ring type.

The Triskele goes by many names over time: Trefoil, Trillium, Triskelee, Triquetra among others. Some correlation to the Trinity is inevitable, but the spiral images of old were chiseled into large womblike stones at such famous sites as “Newgrange Ireland" and others. The Triple Goddess imagery from that period is more of a matriarchal nature, echoing the 3 phases of womanhood (Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman) as well as Life, Death and Rebirth, including the natural elements of Earth, Sea, and Sky.
The overlap of traditions and symbolic content leave much that is open for interpretation and connection for individuals, based on their particular affinity. The Triskele remains one of the most powerful symbols of the ancient celts, and the design we have crafted is in honor of all the layers of rich history that surround this classic motif. Copyright 1996-2020.

Triskele Signet ring

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