Celtic Peace Ring, heavy version

This is the heavier of the 2 builds of this ring, which is very comfortable sterling ring, while remaining sturdy and peacefully symbolic :)

A new twist on the symbol of peace. Much of Celtic knot work portrays the eternal natures of life. This original design shows humanities infinite desire for peace.

This design is a part of the "World Celtic" collection.  The peace symbol is a decidedly western image of the 60's, promoting peaceful non-violnent protest against injustice in the world.  Crafting this image in a Celtic artistic format is in honor of the unification principals of knotwork as a whole. New paradigms are needed in the structure of modern Celtic symbolism, and this design is emblematic of the marriage of Celtic with Western cultural imagery. It is little known that this symbol originated during the anti nuclear movement in Great Britian!

I have also created a mid weight version of this ring for women who like medium ring structures. Perhaps Peace Loving couples would wear this ring together in solidarity with a message of peace among humans.copyright 1996-2020.

Celtic Peace Ring, heavy version

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