Pentacle ring of protection.

This pentacle ring is a strong and simple expression of the Pentacle design described below. This is a good ring for men and woman alike who resonate with the sentiment and symbolism of the pentacle icon. The ring is nicely tapered and built in a medium structure made to last many years.

The pentacle has obtained through no fault of it's own, a correlation through Hollywood and some religious spheres, an overtone of something less than wholesome. I would like to approach this symbol for what it truly is, a protective design, based on the unification principle of the 4 elements of Earth Air Fire and Sea plus Spirit. Not so bad right?

It is no secret that the church has felt threatened by the beliefs of the earth based traditions historically, and has made a lot of effort to erase symbols, languages, and spiritual practices that those leaders felt were subversive to the power center of their rule. Many in the modern age have re-embraced symbols of old, including this one, as adopted by the wiccan tradition, which honors the elder earth based sentiments and ceremonies which revolve around the seasons and natural rhythms.

If you are not understanding these hisoric aspects of the Pentacle design, then you may want to look toward Tree oif Life symbolism, which is much more openly received by the public than this symbol, which can, unfortunately have negative connotations in some of the more closed belief systems. I am the creator of this piece, and have no qualms whatsoever in offering this as a wonderful, yet sometimes mischaraterized, expression of elemental union & protection :)

Thanks for you intrest and understanding of controversy that may be unecessary in this day and age of inclusion and embrace of concepts of unity and protection! Copyright 1996-2020. 

Pentacle ring of protection.

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