Pierced Rolling Wave Band

This is a heavier ring structure at an average width of 7.5mm along with a fairly hearty metal thickness at 1.7mm

In keeping with my desire to create jewelry with longevity, the weakness created by opening the pierced areas all the way through is counter strengthened by making the thickness heavier to maintain strength.

The design employed here is one of many classic pattern styles that may or may not have a historic name. I have chosen to call this the Rolling Wave, since it has an essence of a wave cresting built into the pattern, but no traditional claim is made to this named description, which becomes useful for this sentiment as well as communications.

As a 2 strand pattern, this and many of the designs that are suitable to ring patterns, consists of 2 elements. There are many themes that we can apply to the union of 2 to create one, including Heaven/Earth, Male/Female, Light/Darkness, Yin/Yang, and other seemingly opposed forces that create unity as a set.

Pierced Rolling Wave Band

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