St John's Cross of Iona, smaller version

Height at 1 3/4" (53mm) and 7/8" at the horizontal cross section. This smaller version of the Two that I make is double sided, and the detail is very fine due to being condensed from a 10' tall source subject!

This miniature replica of the St. John's Celtic Cross is one of the more classic and notable crosses from Celtic Christianity, and is patterned after the one that still stands at the Monestery on Iona island (circa 900 AD). There are two of these: one that is recreated, as well as the original stone carving that has been pieced together and is on display.

The Iona Abbey itself is located on a small but important island off the coast of West Scotland that was one of the "think tanks" of Christianity, and at the time was an active spiritual center. The Viking raids here were numerous, and the operatioins of the church were moved to Kells Ireland, where it was safer to practice their faith. The Iona Abbey has been faithfully restored as a beautiful museum, and I have decided to include two of these notable Celtic Crosses from this sacred place into my line of original cross designs. Note that this design implementation is a collaboration with one of my jewelry teachers, Gerry Gehringer.  

See also the Saint Martin's Cross from Iona as well.


St John's Cross of Iona, smaller version

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