Cross Knot Pendant

5/8" tall, this is a classic Pendant that despite its smaller size, has a bold simplicty that is very recognizable as a celtic design from a safe social distance!

The Cross Knot reference name is my own invention, though this is a very classic style knot work pattern used in many variations, including the elongated stretched out arms and cross staff version used as a cross pattern in liturgical manuscripts, which should be forthcoming in my line next year as a larger heavyweight pendant if all goes to plan.

Celtic crosses take many shapes and structures as interpreted by artists and craftsmen over the ages, and variations of cross designs remain one of the most symbolic and expanded versions of Celtic Art throughoput history to present day. It is a joy to be a part of this exploration from simple designs to elaborate constructs, allowing intuition and originality among the artisan community. Keep the Faith! Sean

Wears nicely on fine chains, but could be ok on a 1.5mm or medium box chain if a slightly heavier and more durable chain is desired. Chains are available in the Sterling Chains Category separately.

Cross Knot Pendant

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