Trinity Post, Small

This is the smallest trinity post at 3/16" or 4.7mm tall. I use the sturdiest parts I can find in providing the best quality and durability over time.

Design History and Symbolic Content:

Although there are many variations and designs associated with knotwork expression of the trinity, the trinity concept is a symbol named for the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), and is one of the most recognizable designs in all of Celtic Art. Although the namesake is from the Church, there are many other tri-elements in the celtic belief system which embody meanings in sets of 3. Some of these include: "Life, Death and Rebirth" as a part of the eternal cycle of life, as well as the Bardic traditional elements of "Earth, Sea and Sky" (Earth/Water/Air, and indeed "Fire" is separate and governed by the goddess Bridgid). The Mother of all Trinities in "Celtic Old School" would embody the "Triple Goddess" of maiden, mother and wise woman, which is the 3 spiral design which preceded the trinity knot. Animal associations, Gods and Goddesses often contain 3 "primary" aspects, adding a very full range of potential meanings to this classic pattern.

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Trinity Post, Small

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