Box Chain - Fine

Fine Silver Box Chain. Sterling Silver. Italian made.

This is a wonderful chain for those smaller pendants and when a delicate look is preferred.

Gift Givers Note: If guessing on chain length, go with 18" (or 20" for medium length) 16" is good for choker length or petite neck sizes. 22" and 24" are for folks who like longer chains.

These are a classic chain type and known for their strength and resistence to kinks etc, given the fineness of the chain being quite durable. The clasp is a spring ring type, and the ends are soldered. I have carried this chain for 25 years, and it is still one of my favorite finer chain types.

 Notes:The very close relative of this item and new favorite of mine is the round box chain 1mm available also in my "Sterling chain category". The next thicker chain type that I carry is the 1.5mm round box. Note that the "medium box" in this series is a little heavier than the 1.5mm round box, and is of a bright finish as noted on the description.

Box Chain - Fine

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