"Tree of life Ring Woven womens"

This wonderful and original design was born of a collaboration with Jen Delyth, infamous Welsh designer residing in my neighboring city of Oakland California. Her inspiration and intuition in the realm of original and modern celtic design is unmatched, and it was a joy and honor to work with her on this project She modified her iconic "Tree of Life" (her ground breaking original image, where the roots and the branches connect as one around the perimeter of the design imagery into an integrated shank design. I helped a bit with the jewelry consultation aspects and did all the engraving and metalwork on this piece with her.

I am currently marketing this ring in cooperation with Jen and under her licensing agreement (as should anyone who uses her work or designs in any form!) Jen was way ahead of the curve on the Celtic Design movement, and her intuition in the realm of integrating ancestral symbolic imagey serve as an inspiration to many, myself included. Her work needs and deserves attention from anyone interested in Celtic art in any form. Her textile work and other products are available online at: www.celticartstudio.com

We also did collaborate on a Mens version available on my website. All Designs are copyright protected under US laws, and permission to utilize any original designs must be requested under licensing agreements with the respective artist and copyright holder.

Copyright © 1997-2013. All rights reserved.

"Tree of life Ring Woven womens"

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