Turtle- Tree of Life Turtle

The Tree of Life Turtle is an artistic expression of the widespread cultural connections that turtles embody with the living Earth. Creation, and mythological variations include the turtle as the great mother and giver of life and longevity. Sean's original tree of life symbol on the back of this turtle represents the celtic vision of life's energy through the living natural world. (See also the description for the Tree of Life, and the artist's note below)

This is a medium sized pendant design, and has a more feminine appeal. Size wise, a nickle would cover the whole design, which is much more aesthetically light than a solid coin with all the cut away portions.

Artist's note:

Turtles in particular are renowned for their logevity, and life associations in many cultures. Bringing the turtle image into the celtic sphere is more about artistic license than historical record. The creation of celtic versions of these creatures is based on a personal and powerful attraction to turtles themselves, as well as turtle creation mythology and totemic symbolism worldwide.

Turtle- Tree of Life Turtle

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