Turtle- "Sun & Moon Turtle"

There is a strong connection to the luner and solar cycles in celtic life of old. Combining the Turtle with Sun Moon imagery as a Celtic connection is definitely a creative endeavor. More explanation below :)

This design is a medium sized item, but with a solid and well crafted feel. If you placed the design over a nickle, it would give you an idea of the perimeter size range. Many portions are pierced through, adding a nice definition to the pattern when worn. Works great with a medium or fine box chain, and is not reaslly heavy enough to be considered a good item for men.


Artist's note:

Turtles in particular are renowned for their logevity, and life associations in many cultures. Bringing the turtle image into the celtic sphere is more about artistic license than historical record. The creation of celtic versions of these creatures is based on a personal and powerful attraction to turtles themselves, as well as an homage to the many versions of "Mother Earth Turtle" creation mythologies and totemic symbolism worldwide.

Turtle- "Sun & Moon Turtle"

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