Trinity Claddagh Pendant

The Trinity Claddagh pendant here is nearly an inch in diameter, and althogh medium in size, has a bold look with strong engraved linework and unique presence. I have 2 other versions, one of which is a charm size, and the other new style in which I have dimentionalized the heart (Puff Heart I call it), and is the same size as this one.

This is another of our Original Versions of the Claddagh image which includes an expression of the many trinity concepts that exist in celtic culture.  The classic "Friendship, Lolalty, and Love" is the well defined family value trinity concept of the Claddagh, yet historically, there are many important ideas in sets of 3.  The most ancient is the "Triple Goddess" of Maiden, Mother, and Wise Women (See Description).  In addtion there is "Life, Death, and Rebirth" as a classic fearless warrior triad, and the elemental expression of "Earth, Sea, and Sky."  There are many other examples in celtic mythology and belief of animales, god/goddesses and others in sets of 3 aspects. It is with pride that we offer this personal yet symbolically historic example of our modernized and combined elements as one in this unique design expression.

Size 22mm x 19.5mm

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Trinity Claddagh Pendant

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